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Dropper offers cloud based last-mile solutions for all last-mile senders, couriers and teams.


We connect local senders to local couriers. This way senders can always use a local courier for their instant, same day or next day last-mile deliveries.


We offer cloud based dashboards for local senders, courier teams and couriers. This way our users can use our smart routing and planning tools to optimze ther last-mile delivery operations


Our last-mile control tower offers control and support solutions to sender and teams. This way you can easily upgrade your customer services.

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Deliver your meals without any hassle, within minutes, with Dropper. We pickup your meals and deliver them, in your area, whenever you want. Dropper offers one bundled solution for all your food delivery operations.



Commission per order

Get orders through FoodDrop and deliver your meals without any hassle, within minutes, with Dropper

Restaurant presentation

Delivery services

Operational planning

Customer services

Dropper Network


Restaurant with Couriers

€ 1,-

Fee per order

Get orders through FoodDrop and deliver your meals yourself with your own couriers, within minutes, with Dropper

Restaurant presentation

Team planning

Order routing

Couriers sharing

Dropper Network


Deliver your products without any hassle, within minutes, with Dropper. We pickup your products and deliver them, in your area, whenever you want. Dropper offers one bundled solution for all your last-mile delivery operations.

Last-mile Senders


Commission of the delivery fee

Deliver last-mile deliveries to your customers without any hassle, within minutes, with Dropper

Deliver within minutes

A courier whenever you want

No fixed costs

Track & Trace

Delivery Insights

When you become a Dropper you will automatically be part of the Dropper-Network. This way you can make money by delivering meals and products for local senders, retailers and delivery restaurants. As a Dropper you are your own boss. You decide when you work and how much you earn.

Freelance Droppers

€ 4,50

Per drop

Be your own boss within the Dropper-Network



Own work schedule

Freelance setup

No financial hassle


Dropper offers planning, routing and crowd shipping solutions for large and small courier teams. With the Dropper-Dashboard you are in control of your last-mile delivery operation. With the Dropper-Network you can earn more with your courier team.

Last-mile Courier Teams

€ 15,-

A month per courier

In control of your last-mile operations with Dropper



Smart Team Planning tools

Smart Delivery Routing tools

Track & Trace

Android & iOS app

Team Insights

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What our partners say

Wim, Broodjes van Wim

"More sales? Start delivering with Dropper"

I present my restaurant on FoodDrop, this way I generated a lot of new customers and increased my sales. FoodDrop and Dropper are very easy to use and it’s nice to always have an flexible courier on stand-by with the Dropper-Network.

Joël, Schoenenzaken

"Develop new revenue models with Dropper"

How annoying if you accidentally come to work with unpolished shoes in the morning while you have an important appointment in the afternoon? Through a partnership with Dropper, we can pick up the shoes and return them, a few hours later, neatly cleaned.

Camiel, Senior Dropper

"Work whenever I want to"

Since I became Dropper I am my own boss and I like it! I work when I want and that's how I decide when I earn something. During the Dropper I cycle an average of 30 to 40 kilometers in one day, so I no longer have to go to the gym. It is ideal for exercising and making money at the same time.

Tim, Cycloon

"More revenue and smarter delivery with Dropper"

By using the Dropper Dashboard we have access to smart cloud based planning, routing and track and trace software. This gives us much more insight into the behavior and choices of our deliverers. We can also route smarter, which saves us a lot of time. With the Dropper Network, we can easily make our team available to local shippers so they can use us for their last-mile deliveries. This allows us to create more sales with our delivery team and they have a flexible courier at all times.

Dropper news

The province of Groningen will support the Dropper company in setting up a company for efficient parcel delivery in the city of Groningen...

A pizza courier will soon also be able to deliver flowers. A shoe store can have shoes delivered directly to the customer...

Delivery startup Dropper is commissioned by PostNL to deliver emission-free packages in the center of Groningen. In the first instance, deliveries are made...


Do you want to know more about Dropper? We hope you'll find your answer in our FAQ. Not? Then you can contact us or send us a message

The delivery radius depends on the delivery teams that are active in your area and can differ from 2.500m to 15.000m

The Dropper customer service is open between 11am and 22pm, drops can be added at all times.

Of Course we use specially made their backpacks to keep your food warm, or frozen, at all times.

Yes! If you have your own couriers you can sign-up as a FoodTeam. FoodTeams can present their restaurant on FoodDrop and use the Dropper- dashboard and software options to plan, route and optimize their last-mile food delivery operation. Also FoodTeams can share their couriers with other restaurants within the Dropper-Network. This way they can earn more with their courier team and help others in need. This works the other way around also, FoodTeams can use couriers from other FoodTeams and Teams to help out in peak hours.

At this moment Dropper is active in Groningen only.